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9. March 2019
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9. March 2019 Christel Badtke

Riding on a scooter from coast to coast across the USA? Sounds like a very exhausting adventure. Various climate conditions, thousands of kilometers. But friends Dejan Kovacevic and Patrick Oswald wanted to challenge themselves with this adventure, and even collect money for children with cancer along the way.

What has that got to do with us? Well, Patrick is taking our products with him on the journey, which both men are starting with a rucksack each, and of course their scooters. On February 27th, they set out from Frankfurt with a direct flight to Miami. They are planning to arrive in Los Angeles by March 25th. That's 27 days for approximately 5,000 kilometers. The two men will have to brave the desert, tornadoes and a variety of climate conditions. Which of course raises a number of questions, which Patrick has kindly answered for us:

1. How did you both prepare for this trip? After all, there really couldn't be a more diverse set of requirements than those which apply to this trip.

Patrick: We had a very short time to prepare with our scooters, because we only got them in January. Our main endurance training sessions consist of running.
It is definitely a bit like a Kamikaze trip, for sure.

2. Where did you get this idea to ride from coast to coast?

Patrick: It's spectacular. We did think of other scenarios, for example from the North of Europe to the South. But it's not so cool, and the climate makes it difficult. That's why it turned out to be coast to coast.

3. Why did you choose Bertrand?

Patrick: It's easy to mix Bertrand with water. It lets you have a meal with very little preparation.

If you would like to follow the two men on their trip, take a look at their Facebook page or their Instagram Profile. You can also donate to the Frankfurt Association for Children with Cancer. We wish them all the best for the rest of their trip!

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