12. March 2019 Christel Badtke

The first month of the year has already passed by and asking about those New Year’s resolutions feels redundant. Your trainers are already gathering dust again, there’s frozen pizza waiting in the freezer for tonight and, even though you wanted to avoid the stress, you’re already back to working overtime.

It’s not too late however to change that and to shape your life the way you want it. According to statistics, eating healthily, playing more sport and having more time for yourself and friends are also the most common resolutions for 2019. Based on experience, this requires a good plan, but flexibility is also helpful for sticking to resolutions and overcoming inner temptation.

BERTRAND supports every aspect of this process: Its simple preparation alone saves you time that can be used for yourself or friends and family. At the same time, you eat in a considered and above all balanced way. Thanks to the active version containing double the amount of protein, it’s also suitable as a meal after a visit to the gym or an extensive jogging session as it provides the body with the necessary nutrients as well as healthy minerals and vitamins.

Annika | Customer Care

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