With BERTRAND in festival season

In current Social media, you hardly encounter the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, also known as Coachella. Many guests come to California every year to attend the music festival. The festival season has officially kicked off, and over the course of this summer, people around the world will dance and have fun listening to their favorite open-air music for a weekend.

But what are the best things to bring to such a festival? BERTRAND gives you four tips on how to survive on the festival site:


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Everything is more fun when you can enjoy it with friends. Find your favorite companions before you set out on your trip, and start the festival together with them. And maybe you'll also meet some new friends.

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Both on the campground and in front of the stages, the crowds and the weather can make it very warm. So you do not dehydrate, you should always have some fresh water handy. This cools you down and your circulation stays stable.

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Whether a practical, small rain poncho, a warm sweater or waterproof footwear: It is not uncommon that many a festival has been surprised by rain showers. Or the temperatures have fallen sharply at night. Be prepared and pay some attention to the right clothes.

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BERTRAND is a good, light alternative to typical canned ravioli. It not only leaves you space in your backpack, but also provides you with the nutrients you need to dance to your favorite tunes. All you need is a bag of BERTRAND per day, your shaker, and fresh drinking water. It also saves you a lot of time, which you can spend much better celebrating.